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100+ 5 Star Customer Reviews

100+ 5 Star Customer Reviews – Milestone Achieved Wow, 100+ 5 Star Customer Reviews. Thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to like our page and review our services. How totally amazing is that! Word of mouth referrals and reviews are the best compliment we can receive.  We are serious about customer […]

Decoding Ignition Lock on a Honda CBR600 Motorbike

Lost Your Motorbike Key

Motorbike Transponder Keys and ECU Resetting Most motorbikes 600cc or larger from 2004 are fitted with a factory immobiliser.  If the key is not present  the engine will not run, thus reducing motorbike theft. Unfortunately if you’ve lost your motorbike key or had it stolen it can be an expensive fix to create new keys. Motorcycle […]

Lost Car Keys

Lost Car Keys – Need new keys made?

Lost Car Keys There’s nothing worse than that feeling of dread, when you have lost car keys. After hours of retracing your steps the panic and stress of the situation hit’s you. Will I be able to afford a new key? How will I get my car to the dealer? I need to get to […]

We are your local, trusted Baldivis locksmiths

Welcome to the New Baldivis Locksmith Website. We are your local, trusted Baldivis locksmiths
Baldivis locksmiths is a family run…


To help keep your home safe.Don’t leave keys in obvious places, such as under pot plants or in the meter box. Reduce temptation by removing valuables from anywhere they can be seen from the outside. Trim trees and bushes to allow a clear view of your home (this will remove hiding places….