Lost Your Motorbike Key

Motorbike Transponder Keys and ECU Resetting

Most motorbikes 600cc or larger from 2004 are fitted with a factory immobiliser.  If the key is not present  the engine will not run, thus reducing motorbike theft. Unfortunately if you’ve lost your motorbike key or had it stolen it can be an expensive fix to create new keys.

Motorcycle dealers or manufactures are limited to the help they can provide you.  When all keys are lost  the solution offered is to replace the lock set, ECU and key reader.  Replacement costs can exceed $3000, in some cases the bikes not even worth that.  Of course, your bike is probably priceless to you.

Baldivis Locksmith has the most up to date automotive diagnostic and key cutting equipment,  we can come to you and create a replacement key at a fraction of the price.

Even if you have an older bike and you lost your motorbike key, dealers will encourage your to replace all the locks on your bike ( ignition, helmet lock, seat lock,steering lock and gas cap).  This is a time consuming and an expensive option. Baldivis Locksmith can decode your lock and cut a new key in no time.

Motorbike Key Cutting

Decoding Ignition Lock on a Honda CBR600 Motorbike

Lost motorbike key Honda CBR600

When a bike is bought second-hand, more often than not only comes with 1 key.  Getting a spare key cut  is probably the last thing on your mind, all you want to do is go for a ride.  We highly recommend that you get a spare key cut and programmed to prevent the inconvenience caused, when you lose your only key.

In some case we can even clone your key.  Key cloning simply means we duplicate the data inside the original key.  It is digitally read and copied onto a new transponder chip then put inside a new key.  It will run your bike just like the original.

Using the latest key-programming technology, whether conventional transponder or  non transponder keys Baldivis Locksmiths can assist you with your key requirements.

Contact us and we can give you more information.

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