Car Key Solutions

NEW Luxurious Car Key Solutions – KEYDIY

Things have just go so much better! We now have a range of car key solutions with our new KEYDIY range.  We can now offer you the option of Luxurious Flip keys with integrated remotes at great prices.

Getting a spare car key as a backup or for an additional driver is an excellent idea, or replace a boring old standard key that’s looking a bit shabby for a luxurious new flip key.

As fully qualified registered Automotive Locksmiths we can provide on the spot solutions for your lost car keys scenario, damaged key/remotes or duplicate keys.  We are here to make things as simplistic and hassle hassle free with our car key solutions .  These new Luxurious keys start from as little as $150.

baldivis-locksmiths-luxurious-car-keys-keydiyReplacement Car Key Shells

Although you think you need a completely new key, often that’s not the case. We always try to identify the issue first and then provide you with a suitable key solution. We can offer budget friendly alternatives for cracked casing, worn buttons or snapped keys, other than just a new key.  If your key casing is damaged we can transfer the “inners”  which is the central locking circuit board and transponder chip into a new shell.  This can save you hundreds and expense associated with having a new key cut and programmed.

Contact us to find our more information of what key shells we stock.

Duplicate Keys

It can be an expensive exercise replacing lost and damaged keys, dealers can charge anything from $250 to $800+ for new ones.  Then there’s the inconvenience of having to get your vehicle to the dealer and wait for them to find time to fit you in for an appointment. Baldivis Locksmiths can duplicate a key with or without remotes central locking buttons for a lot less. We can supply a variety of car key solutions for the majority of makes including. Holden key, Toyota Key, Ford key, Mazda Key, Mitsubishi Key, Nissan key, Suzuki Key, Chrysler Key, Hyundai Key, Jeep Key, Subaru Key, Mazda Key to name but a few.

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