Ignition Problems

Ford Falcon BA, Ford Falcon BF and Ford Territory SX and SY Switch and Ignition Problems

There are commonly 2 problems we encounter with the Ford Falcons and Territory Ignitions, either the key is not spring back or all the dash is lighting up but there is no power. If the key is not springing back and returning to its correct position that is because the small tab in spring return has worn down or broken off, we call it the “shark fin”. If the dash is lighting up but there is no power, the switch has probably popped out, this is really common on a hot day.

Generally the solution to this problem is to have the column replace by the dealer which can cost upwards of $1100, even second- hand ones can cost you $600+ with removing and fitting. If you are experience one of these issues we can offer a resolution to your problem at a fraction of the price your dealer will be charging, in fact we do so many of these you will find our pricing highly competitive with pricing starting from as little as $250.

We take pride in our professional workmanship and strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our pricing on automotive locksmith services is highly competitive and we generally beat our competitors pricing, but in the rare instance you find a better quote, call us to discuss what we can do for you.

Holden Commodore – VT, VX, VY and VZ Ignition Barrel Problems

The key jamming in the ignition or free spinning, is unfortunately a common occurrence and not just on the Holden VT Commodore but the VS,VX,VY,VX up until the most current model. Our customers often tell us that they have been experiencing a problem for a few weeks, but have found that giving the ignition a spray of graphite powered, jiggling the key or even hitting it with a hammer ( which we strongly advise against) normally solves the issue. However this is only a short term fix, and its often when you’re out at the shops or beach on the weekend when finally the ignition gives up, it won’t turn and you’re stuck. Don’t let that happen let us resolve the issue for you, before it becomes an problem.

We carry suitable ignition barrels, electrical switches, keys, remotes all on board our mobile locksmith vehicle for all the commodore models. We can assemble an ignition on site to suit your existing key, cut a new key blade if we believe your key is worn or provide you with a completely new replacement key. Our onsite service means you can be up and running again within the hour.